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Melissa Christensen - Professional Figure Skating Coach
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As much as my students and thier parents have certain expectations of me, I have some expectations of you as well. This makes the lesson time as productive and enjoyable as possible - something we all want!


1. Students are expected to be ready to get on the ice at least 5 minutes in advance of their scheduled lesson time. This includes being properly dressed, warmed up, stretched and ready to skate. This way you get the most out of your lesson time!

2.  Attire is important! Form fitting and stretchy are two very important things to consider as you pick your skating clothes. Your attire makes it easier for me to see what your body is actually doing and it makes moving easier for you! As your skating progresses you will likley want to start building your own skating wardrobe of practice and competition dresses, tights, gloves and sweaters.

3. Hair, unless cut short, should be pulled securely out of the face in a ponytail. You can't skate if you can't see!

4. Students are to exhibit courteous behavior at ALL times, to all those on the ice, as well as off the ice, whether on a lesson or not. Full attention and a positive attitude make your lesson and skating time productive and fun! Parents - if your son or daughter might be having a less than perfect day, please tell me in advance so we can work it out before the lesson starts.
5. Skaters need to read and sign the rinks session rules before lessons can begin on freestyle ice time.
6. Communication between coach, parents and students is KEY. Please don't ever hesitate to bring up anything with me in regards to your childs skating! We're a team with a common goal.

1. All fees are payable by cash, check or PayPal. A $30.00 fee applies to any NSF checks.

2. Lessons are billed per lesson, due at the time of the lesson for the first two weeks. After that you can choose to pay weekly or biweekly. All bills are due immediately, and after 5 days if payment in full is not recieved lessons stop until the balance is paid in full.
3. Program fees are added to your lesson bill and are due along with regular lesson fees.

4. Custom beadwork fees are estimated at the time of discussion, sketch and written agreement. A 50% deposit is required for work to begin. At the time of delivery the balance is due.

5. All lessons scheduled are billed. If you cannot make a scheduled lesson I must be notified in advance to avoid billing for that time.
6. Competition (ISI and USFSA) and Test Session fees (USFSA only) are due with that billing periods lesson bill.