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Melissa Christensen - Professional Figure Skating Coach
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I have been coaching competitive and recreational figure skaters since October 1995.

My skating family tree goes back a few generations. It started with my grandmother, she was a roller skater. Then my mom got into it while growing up in the Garden City, NY area, then in Lake Placid, NY. My mom (then Vickie Pedu) went the farthest with her skating. She got her USFSA Gold medals in Freestyle, Figures and Dance, and competed (well) at the National level with her partner Roger (Bucky) Bennet. My two uncles also skated, and were able to do axels. I got into it in 1979.

I am a now a USFSA Silver Medallist in Freestyle and Figures, and also have some experience in pairs and dance. I have been a member of the USFSA (United States Figure Skating Association) since 1979, the ISI (Ice Skating Institute) since 1995 and the PSA (Professional Skaters Association) since 1995. I still love skating, both coaching and actually doing it myself. I don't really jump any more, but have kicked around the idea of taking my dance tests for fun.

I am a native of Lake Placid, NY and trained there for eleven years under PSA Master Rated coach Jack Devitt, World and Olympic Champion Thomas Litz and Austrailian National Champion and World competitor Amy Brown (Blades). I participated in numerous guest coach seminars, including one with the late Carlo Fassi.

I coached in Saratoga Springs, NY from 1995 to 2001. My students have competed in the Empire State Games in the Intermediate and Novice divisions. I coach both USFSA and ISI, and have trained competitive and recreational skaters from thier first steps on the ice through double axels and triples. I also was founder and head coach of the Saratoga Springs FSC's two Syncronized Skating teams, the Stars (teen) and Starlettes (youth).

I also have eleven years of experience in the performing arts.