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Melissa Christensen - Professional Figure Skating Coach
Music Editing
Custom Austrian Crystal Beadwork
Synchronized Skating
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Private Lessons ..........$40.00 per hour
A standard private lesson is 1/2 an hour. Some younger children (five and under) do better with 15 minute lessons.
"Putting On" ...........$10.00 per event
"Putting On" refers to the preperation a student receives prior to, during and after an event. It's important that I'm there and is the time a student needs guidance the most.
My lodging expenses are split evenly between students in attendance at an "away" competition. I do not charge for meals and and miles, only hotels and ferrys.

Programs..................$20.00 per minute
The music is generally supplied by the student unless I happen to have a copy of a desired piece myself. The fee includes a complete computer digitally edited program, two copies (one for practice and one for competition) of the edited piece on either cassette or CD (I prefer cassette, they take "skate bag abuse" a bit better than CDs) and the choreography of the program.
Austrian Crystal beadwork.......................Varied, depending on amount of crystals used and complexity of design.