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The Saratoga STARS competing in Lake Placid, January 2002.

Synchronized Skating as a way into college? Read on...

Skating on a sychronized team is one of the best ways for skaters to get genuine recognition from colleges and universities for the years of hard work they put in on the ice. At the moment there is only a handful, but the number of educational institutions adding Synchronized Skating is exploding, thanks to a big push from the USFSA.

College teams are truly elite, with most (if not all) of the team members being USFSA Gold Medallists in Freestyle, Moves in the Field and Ice Dance. Some of the dancers have even passed their International tests. So start early!

Synchronized Skating teams are open to all levels, from Youth to Adult, in both the ISI and USFSA, provided there is enough interest and commitment from prospective team members and their parents.

Skating on a team also provides the added benifit of team ethics - if you miss a practice or are disruptive, you are truly hurting the whole team, not just yourself. In this competitive age, these are skills that Freestyle and even Pairs and Dance can't offer. As much as each person has to put in their personal best, it is always for the benifit of the team.


These are the Saratoga STARLETTES, back in Januray 2001 in Lake Placid, NY. Synchronized skating teams can be any age group, from youth to adult. The Starlettes are an ISI Youth team, and were undefeated in thier first competitive season. Deborah LaBombard and Melissa Williams now coach the teams and have done, and continue to do, a FABULOUS job!