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Melissa Christensen - Professional Figure Skating Coach
Music Editing
Music Editing
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I do all music editing on my computer. The cuts are usually far smoother than can be accomplished with reel to reel, and not even comparable to editing with a regular stereo system. Backround noise can be reduced, sound effects added, and the program ultimately customized.
Music that is to be edited needs to be given to me on a compact disc (no cassettes) so I can transfer it to my system easily. Upon completion you recieve your original cd back, your new program burned onto compact disc (mp3 format) and 2 cassette copies, one for practice and one for competition. High quality cassettes are used in order to reduce damage from humidity and temperature change, contant rewinding and poor rink stereo equipment.

ATTENTION - These sound files are programs I created, and some of my former students still use them. They are Private Property and are not to be downloaded for personal or professional use. If I hear any of them, I will recognize it as my work.

However, please feel free to listen for editing quality.

Download WINAMP here to play these files

Saratoga Stars Synchronized program 2001

Saratoga Starlettes Synchronized 2001 program

"Chinese Fisherman" - used as ISI Artistic program