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Melissa Christensen - Professional Figure Skating Coach
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*USFSA Double Silver Medallist, Freestyle and Figures, 1988.

*Eleven years of competitive skating experience.

*Eleven years of coaching experience in Freestyle, Moves in the Field and Synchronized Skating, both USFSA and ISI.

*Member of the USFSA (1979), the ISI (1995) and the PSA, with membership sponsored by Thomas Litz (1995).

*ISI Certified Judge (2000)


* I led the Skating Club of Lake Placid in the 1980 Winter Olympic Closing Ceremonies, which aired live worldwide on ABC. I represented the birth of the next generation of Olympians.

*A photo of the above is in a limited edition book entitled Lake Placid 80. This book is now a collectors item.
I was featured in a winter sports segment for Reggie Jacksons World of Sports on ABC.

*I was interviewed by Jim McKay in a live broadcast on the Wide World of Sports, on ABC.

I was a featured skater, along with Robin Cousins and Linda Fratianne, for a documentary sponsored by the Coca-Cola Company entitled Olympic Spirit. This video is also now a collectors item.

*My segment of the above film was featured in a Coca-Cola commercial used during the 1994 Lillehammer Games.

*I was interviewed for a live morning news segment in Saratoga Springs, NY, discussing competitive local figure skating.


*For the 11 years I was involved, I was in everything from the Wizard of Oz (twice), You're a Good Man Charlie Brown (Peppermint Patty), Snoopy (Lucy), L'il Abner (Daisy Mae), Guys and Dolls (Adelaide, twice) and others. I basically joined every production that was open to me in the area.

*I spent six summers at the Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall Summer Theatre School in Boston, MA. studying advanced jazz dance, advanced voice repetoire and performing (usually lead roles) in 2 shows per season (1 musical and 1 play). Most noteable were Barnum (lead dancer), and Pippin (lead dancer). Our production of Pippin toured the New England area for 2 weeks. Most of the other musicals and plays were original works.